Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ :

All the installations are located within the respective Port premises. The installations are connected by pipelines to the berths

Yes, the tanks are calibrated by statutory, competitive authorities and are eligible for customs bonding.

All  the  non  hazardous  installations  have multiple product  lines and are broadly classified into two catagories namely edible  and non  edible  product  lines and only  previous cargo compatible product are taken in either of these segregated pipelines after the lines are passed for cleanliness by the surveyors. In hazardous installations other   than  the   categories   mentioned   above   white   oil   lines   and   black   oil    lines  are also  available.

The installations are well connected by road are in the near proximity to National Highways.

Each storage tank is connected by  two  redelivering  outlets,  each  capable  of  filling  a 9.5 kl cap tanker in 15 minutes. Extra outlet are provided on request.

Our  personnel  are  trained  to  handle  different  products  with  utmost  care  and  precaution.  Product loss is eliminated at all levels of redelivery.

The terminal is manned by security staff round the clock and all the tanks are under the lock and seal of the respective client representatives and surveyors.

Frequent training ensures that all ground staff are well versed with different product handling and are prepared to meet any challenges  that  are  foreseen  in  this  field. They are overseen by shift supervisors who are under the control of the terminal incharge.