Suraj Agro Infrastructure (India) Pvt Ltd., JNPT


Jawaharlal Nehru Port (JNPT), West Coast, India

18⁰ 56” North and 72⁰ 57” East
Suraj Agro Infrastructure (India) Pvt Ltd., (Bulk Liquid storage Terminal)
Plot No.4, Liquid Chemical Corridor, JNPT Navi Sheva,  Navi Mumbai.
Phone: 022-27241869, 27240409

The Terminal is located at the beginning of the liquid chemical corridor in Jawaharlal Nehru Port on the west coast of India.

No. of tanks 12, Capacity in KL – 64300
  • Suraj Agro, installation capacity of 64300 KL of 11 and 1 SS tanks with different capacity.

  • The Terminal is nearest to the common user manifold and is connected to the service berths.

  • Well connected to berth with pipelines of different sizes.

  • Ultra modern storage terminal of a well secured facility with 2 in-house weighing system of 60 Tones capacity each and road tanker filling bays.

  • Permitted to store Hazardous and non-Hazardous liquid cargo the terminal has quick turnaround time for vessels calling its berth due to faster unloading and loading rate supported by ideal pipelines for different products.(i.e furnace oil, lube oil etc can also be handled).

  • Terminals conforming to statutory norms and equipped with built in safety features.

  • High quality and SHE (Safety, Health & Environment) standards committed to customer satisfaction.

  • Suraj Agro is expanding the terminal to cater the demand of Importers and Captive users.

  • Existing Terminal is upgraded with latest booster pumps and motors to achieve increased export rate.

New Project
  • At JNPT, liquid chemical corridor Plot No. 3 with 14000 SQM, we are commencing construction of 8 nos. of MS Storage Tank with fixed roof with a capacity of 4000 MTs each. In total 32000 KL, as the plot is away from CRZ purview and designed to store A, B and C class Petroleum and Chemicals.

  • In Plot No.1 with 700 SQM, we will be constructing 5 nos. of Fire Water Tanks with 1000 KL approx each.

  • The Upcoming terminal would be in line with the PESO requirement and coupled with state of art equipments.

  • Plot 1 & Plot 3 are adjacent to our existing terminal and Plot 2 is operating since 1999. We already have 3 dedicated pipelines including 1 SS 8” Line which will cater the need of Plot 3 also.


Non-Hazardous products like, edible oil, Molasses and B&C Class Product

Jetty Draft LOA
BBCL 12 Mtrs 212 Mtrs
Pipelines Carbon Steel & Stainless Steel Pipeline.
From BPCL Jetty to Terminal 18" and 12" Carbon steel pipelines (Piggable) and 8" Stainless steel pipeline (Piggable)