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Suraj Agro Infrastructure (India) Pvt.Ltd., Chennai


Chennai Port, East Coast, India

13 ⁰ 6’ North and 80⁰ East, Suraj Agro Infrastructure (India) Pvt.Ltd., Chennai.,
(Bulk Liquid storage Terminal) South of Sand Screen Area, Inside Chennai Port, Chennai

Mob: +91 9840953384, Mob: +91 9500005248

Ideally located in the south of sand screen area inside the Chennai Port.


No. of tanks 11,  Capacity in KL – 45700

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    Suraj Agro, installation capacity of 45700 KL and 11 tanks with different capacity .

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    Well connected to 4 berths with pipelines of different sizes.

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    Ultra modern storage terminal of a well secured facility with in-house weighing system and road tanker filling bays.

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    Permitted to store non-Hazardous liquid cargo the terminal has quick turnaround time for vessels calling its berth due to faster unloading and loading rate supported by ideal pipelines for different products.

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    Terminals conforming to statutory norms and equipped with built in safety features.

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    High quality and SHE (Safety, Health & Environment) standards committed to customer satisfaction.


Non-Hazardous products like Edible Oil and Molasses

Berth Draft LOA Bridge Restriction
JD 2 13.00 Mtrs 218.33 Mtrs 32 Mtrs
JD 4 11.00 Mtrs 218.33 Mtrs 32 Mtrs
JD 6 11.00 Mtrs 218.33 Mtrs 32 Mtrs
SQ 2 9.50 Mtrs 179.00 Mtrs Nil
Pipelines Carbon Steel
From JD 2 to Terminal JD 2 18" (Non-Piggable) and 8" (Piggable)
From JD 4 to Terminal JD 4 18” (Non-Piggable) and 8” (Piggable)
From JD 6 to Terminal JD 6 18” (Non-Piggable) and 8” (Piggable)
From SQ 2 to Terminal SQ 2 8” (Piggable)